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Executive Search

At WorkSMART we understand the importance of the right leaders for your organization. An effective leader can add remarkable value to your business. Hence, we are committed to helping you find the right leadership talent suited for your business. We have access to senior professionals across all major industries in Bangladesh.

We start the search process by understanding your specific needs and the goals that the leader is expected to deliver for your organization. Then we begin the search for professionals who not only have the right competencies and proven track record but also have the desire and drive to propel your business in the right direction. We are committed to finding the professionals who are ‘Right-Fit’ to lead your business and have a proven track record of consistently delivering a stellar performance.

Organizational Consulting

Traditionally, many organizations today still work with a legacy organization structure and mindset. In a legacy structure BUSINESS and HR are completely misaligned with each other; as if HR has nothing to do with business. But HR is a major differentiator, organizations with legacy structures always struggle to realize their full potential. With our organization consulting approach, we diagnose your HR pain points, design and deliver an effective solution that seamlessly integrates your HR with your business processes.

Training & Leadership Development

As it is said, “Training is the best welfare that you can provide to your employees”. WorkSMART has a number of ‘Signature Training’ designed for your organization’s needs. Our philosophy about training ensures that the training we deliver makes a difference:

  • Training is a process, not an event. It begins before that training even starts and continues until we see results in the workplace
  • The only purpose of training is to deliver results

Military Veteran Placement

For ex-Armed Forces personnel who aspire to make a successful professional transition into the corporate world, seemingly the challenges are enormous. Most common of them, there is an apparent ‘miss-match of skillset that makes the ex-military personnel incompatible with the corporate echo system. However, we completely disagree with this ‘myth’. We believe ex-military professionals bring along lots of invaluable skills and experiences like leadership and the ability to deal with contingencies among many others, which adds immense value to any aspiring organization.

WorkSMART Consulting is a Human Resources & Management Consulting firm in Bangladesh, specialized inSHRM Certification, HR Consulting, Recruitment Solutions, Corporate Training & Leadership Development, and Veteran Placement.

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