“Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have made a difference in the world. A VETERAN doesn’t have that problem” – Ronald Reagan, Former US President

Military Veteran Placement

For ex-Armed Forces personnel who aspire to make a successful professional transition into the corporate world, seemingly the challenges are enormous. Most common of them, there is an apparent ‘miss-match of skillset that makes the ex-military personnel incompatible to the corporate echo system. However, we completely disagree with this ‘myth’. We believe ex-military professionals bring along lots of invaluable skills and experiences like leadership and the ability to deal with contingencies among many others, which adds immense value to any aspiring organization.

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Transition from a Military to Civil Career: A Corporate Perspective

By Ishtiak Ahmed Taher, SHRM-SCP

While in most parts of the world, the word retirement is greeted with a great sense of relief and freedom, the same cannot be said for Bangladesh. Here, particularly in the Armed Forces, the ‘R’ word evokes a lot of apprehension and uncertainty among the potential retirees. Among many reasons, the retirement age of officers is a major cause of this tension. As the retirement age is tied with individual officer’s rank, unlike their civil counterparts, the Officers in the Armed Forces usually retire at a much younger age. The median retirement age of regular retirees would be around 50 years of age. If we consider the other forms of voluntary and involuntary retirements, the number could go down even further. That means a retired Army/Navy/Air Force Officer has another 10 – 15 years of working life still ahead after s/he retires from the service. So, how to recognize and then address the challenges that come with this very important transition from a military to a civil career?

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